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In this introductory video, we showcase a few use cases. The first one revolves around resume improvement. The second example involved emergency responce. The third showcases Government communication with locals.

In each case, FolioProjects is able to support the users in achieving their project sharing goals.

Add a custom url or QR code to your resumes to share your portfolio of projects. Track visitors and clicks on your projects and adjust your job application strategy accordingly

Here we analyze a project including reviewing task suggestions, success predictions, and risk associated with making a peanut butter sandwich. ChatGPT was provided context by initially specifing some tasks, which the LLM used to provide details like the risk severity.

If you don't provide context, the LLM will still make suggestions. However, the result may not reflect your specific goals or may be listed as 'unknown'.

Here we showcase Reinforcement Learning From Human Feedback with the Llama 2 70B Large Language Model (LLM). As we make selections, the LLM better understands our context, and makes better suggestions.

We also share a preview of our LLM VS competition. You will notice that ChatGPT 4 Turbo is making risk assessments, then we switch to Llama 2 for it's assessment.


Here we have a simple example of a private project. Notice the amount of information that's redacted. Projects that are configured to be private, are not used for fine tuning shared LMs

When buying a property or starting a renovation, you quickly see the value of insight into previous work conducted on a property. FolioProjects provides this opportunity to both manage the active project and share details with future owners or teams.

In this duplex renovation project, we see the types of resources used, budgets, risks, roadblocks, and other details during the renovation. A major benefit is in seeing the types of materials used and notes left behind, is for the future team evaluating the work.

Notify all stakeholders of updates to your platform. For those interested in the details, they can see github commits, videos, and other details

In this example, we share details regarding the design of a gift card for the OutdoorPhotograpyCanada brand.


In this demo we have a city level view of operations at the Kingdom Of Wakonda. All project involving healthcare, public works, and other relevant city operations can be viewed on this profile.

In this case, this profile would be more dependable as a comprehensive view of city operations VS a portfolio. Residents of the city will value this level of insight into government operations that affect them.

In this healthcare related project at the Kingdom of Wakonda Healthcare department, we focus on upgrading IT infrastruction.

In this project, the Kingdom of Wakonda and the public works department are repaving a road and are sharing these details with stakeholders including the population.


In this example, we see a typical profile page.

Showcasing a specifically curated portfolio is a great way to respond to a job posting with specific relevant examples.

It doesn't have to be complicated. You can manage simple todo lists within projects. In this demo, we make a peanut butter sandwich.