An Enterprise Resource Planning system that stores all of your business data in one location accessible via the internet. With information all in one place, you can make quicker and better business decisions.

  • A primary focus on the connection between e-commerce and project management with the assistance of the HueFlux artificial intelligence engine.
  • An easy to understand color rating system (HueFlux) that helps stakeholders to monitor and react to the performance of projects in real-time.
  • Coordination or people, applications, and resources.
  • Ability to broadcast aspects of your projects to stakeholder groups using multiple platforms
  • Centralized accounting ledger, Performance tracking, and analysis in relation to transactions.
  • Ability to predefine responses to performance changes or utilize our Aritificial intelligence engine to make suggestions.

Most content on FolioProjects requires that you are a registered user to view.

All customers are provides with 100 projects for free. You are then billed per month for any new projects that you created in that month, beyond the initial 100.

Monthly subscriptions provide users with reduced rates for projects

Yes. You can search for #terms, @users, and *locations based on their privacy settings.

Paid subscribers are able to select project and portfolio templates which do not have ads. Ads are not shown on paid subscriber profiles.

Not yet, we are working on it.

Yes, each feature comes with limits. Consider the following:
  • Portfolios: 5
  • Projects: 100
  • Project Members: 5
  • Project Milestones: 12
Limits are raised depending on the paid subscription account type.

No. Once you pay for a project, its available until you delete it. If our business was to ever close, you will have the opportunity to download all of your project data.

Our system is designed to be intuitive for most users. If your business is big enough to need the services of a PM, we have partnered with Beyond Programs Ltd to provide you with access to PMs near you who are certified to use this platform.