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FolioProjects is a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) SaaS built on a data lake architecture. It features Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) project transfers between your favorite platforms. The life cycle of your assets (EAM) including people, products, and services are supported by our Machine Learning empowered suite of tools known as the AI Project Management Assistant.

FolioProjects facilitates the transfer of projects between popular platforms. During the transfer, you are able to analyze, optimize, and share project performance data of assets like people, products, and services. This results in a platform focused on helping you to achieve your asset portfolio life cycle goals.

  • Assets: Manage all assets related to your operations like people, products, and services.
  • PM Assistant: Plan and analyze data about your assets with the support of AI.
  • HueFlux: An easy to understand colored symbol sentiment system for increasing effective stakeholder communication.
  • Integrations: Work with your favorite platforms like Snowflake, Notion, ClickUp, Trello, and Github.
  • Broadcast: Share data in a range of ways including QR codes, broadcast feeds, and downloads.
  • Analytics: Dashbaords at the asset, project, and portfolio levels to help you make data driven decisions

Most content on FolioProjects requires that you are a registered user to view. Registration is quick and easy.

Pay as you go. Purchases are drawn from your account balance. Fund your account for as little as $10 USD. Prices differ based on many factors including your account location.

If you do not login to your account after 10 years, we may archive aspects of your account. After 15 years, we may delete your account and all related aspects. Simply complete a login via the website or mobile app to resets the clock.

Yes. You can search for #terms, @users, and *locations based on their privacy settings.

We are currently testing with a select group. Stay tuned for updates

Our system is designed to be intuitive for most users. If your business is big enough to need the services of a PM, we have partnered with Beyond Programs Ltd to provide you with access to PMs near you who are certified to use this platform.