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Reach Your Customers

Our flexible platform offers a few options for reaching your ideal client, anywhere in the world.

  • Ad Formats

    We currently accept jpeg files with dimensions of 300PX/250PX. We are actively working on adding text ads to search results. More ad options are coming soon.

  • Distribution

    Ads can be targeted to our Portfolio/Profile/Project pages and live feeds of non-subscriber customers. Portfolios and projects have live feeds which are consumed in a range of ways including smart TVs. Target your advertisements to live feeds that feature content in locations that match your keywords.

Forget compromise

Our team of marketing experts will help you with everything from ad creation to account management

  • Payment

    The AdCoordinates platform accepts PayPal payments and/or wire transfers in USD

  • Collaboration

    Contact our marketing team today to figure out the best way to utilize our platform for your marketing campaigns.

Introducing a new way is a unique platform with a range of features. Learn more about how our visitors and customers navigate our offerings.

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Make Ad Revenue

Start Today! After surpassing 1000 followers on, update your profile to opt into ad revenue sharing. You will then be eligable to receive payments from ads being showcased on your content. This is a great way to monetize any project by simply adding a QR code to products and content you create like videos. We also offer an opportunity for anyone to broadcast their FolioProjects status updates on smart screens. Ads can be shown between the status updates, allowing you to make a portion of the Ad review when a verified user scans a QR code from the screen. This provides advertisers with an opportunity to target specific locations around the world. It also provides a revenue opportunity for indeviduals and businessses with a smart screen and interest in sharing their projects. Contact Ad Coordinates