FolioProjects is an Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) SaaS which helps organizations of any size to create operational dashboards, evaluate risk, schedule resources, and communicate updates with stakeholders. Decisions are aided with the power of artificial intelligence.

Broadcasting your organization's operational performance to stakeholders in real-time is a major focus for this platform. The status of each project is indicated by a unique and easy-to-understand color rating system called HueFlux. Share this information with stakeholders like customers in your store or executives at the head office.

Make adjustments in real time, pre-define auto response templates, or allow the AI system to make suggestions. Your data can be analysed and broadcasted across a range of internet connected devices including:

  • Billboards & Smart Screens
  • Mobile Phones *
  • Smartwatches *
  • Your Webiste

Centralize Accounting, HR, Marketing, Customer service (CRM), and other typical operations through one platform. Integrate with applications and processes you use today.

Grouping projects into portfolios allows you to easily monitor and share their collective performance. HueFlux captures sentiments from those affected by projects, as well as those participating directly in its execution. FolioProjects is perfect for a range of projects including:

  • Operation Dashboards
  • Digital Display Boards
  • Emergency Response Coordination
  • E-commerce & Point Of Sale *
  • Event Management
  • Public Works
  • Service Bookings
  • Quotes, Resumes, & RFP applications
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Management
  • Stock Portfolio Management *

* Note: Some features are in development and are scheduled for release in the near future.

HueFlux Rating System

There are 7 possible color ratings you may see on projects and portfolios. This provides an easy and quick way to understand what's happening in a project or portfolio.

Overall Positive

Both project members and observers voted mostly positive (calculated)

Observers Voted Negatively

Project members voted positive but observers didn't (calculated)

Project Members Voted Negative

Observers voted positively but the members didn't (calculated)

Postive Observer Votes

Only project observers have voted and its mostly positive (submitted)

Positive Member Votes

Only members have voted and it's mostly positive (submitted)

It's Bad

However the votes are tallied, the end result is negative (submitted/calculated)

No Votes

Insufficient votes from members or observers

HueFlux is easy because stakeholders are only presented with 2 color options depending on their relation to the project (blue+red or yellow+red). Red is always an option and its always bad. All other colors are derived by us applying color blending rules (as seen in nature) on the cumulation of stakeholder submissions e.g. yellow + blue = green.

The HueFlux formula changes depending on the type of project you use. Learn more by clicking the project's pop-up below


This platform offers a range of features

Group Projects
Track Progress
Find Relevant Information
Live HueFlux Ratings
View Your Work
Artificial Intelligence

Our Journey

We have been planning and working for over a decade.

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    Our Humble Beginnings was conceptualized and the domain was purchased. This came from the personal journey of our founder Noble, who saw the need for an easier way to prove experience and apply for contract work.

  • ...

    Aug 2012

    An Agency is Born

    Beyond Programs Ltd was registered in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. We supported the private and public sectors with web development and security related solutions. The goal was to secure funding for

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    Aug 2019

    Move locations & Rebirth

    With almost a decade of no funding and almost closing the business, we chose to move the company to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The goal was to be closer to Seattle, WA, USA which is known for its culture of funding tech companies.

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    Dec 2021

    We Launch

    With the closure of the Canadian/US border during the pandemic, we were able to save enough, in order to fund and launch without any external investment.

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